4 Creative Louisville Property Marketing Tips

4 Creative Louisville Property Marketing Tips
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Competition for quality tenants  in the rental property business is high, but marketing can help your company brand itself uniquely. The goal should be to make your property and brand come to mind first whenever a client seeks to lease  a residential unit. As such, part of your marketing should involve reaching those potential renters  even before they realize they have a need.

Once you make your audience  aware of your available  listings or vacancies, you can work to move them down the sales funnel. Towards this end, here are creative marketing ideas to help turn potentially interested tenants into official lease-signing renters with  your rental property.

Hosting a Networking Community Event

Having an event where people can interact without being bombarded by sales information is a great way to generate leads for your business. It’s also a unique way to network within your professional community. In such an event, you can invite people for an open house where they get to view your property even if they have no intention to lease or buy property at that time. Top of mind awareness of your rental property business can present an opportunity for future referrals, as well.

If you have a new development coming up with many units, consider having  a themed event. It’s not uncommon to see larger  real estate development companies host events like  amateur sports tournaments or charitable raffles to get people to show up and see the new property. Even if you don’t own a substantial portfolio of properties, you can get creative about how you attract the community to your networking event or open house.

Invest in Professional Photography and Videography

Perception can be everything, especially when it comes to getting leads in real estate. Customers will associate the quality of the property you have listed with the quality of images posted on your website and social media accounts. It is best to ensure that all your photos are taken by a professional, or at least look as though they have been taken by a professional. Having professional-looking images of your rental property is easier, considering the high-quality nature of cameras and even smartphones these days. However, working with a professional to create a photo portfolio of your property keeps with industry standards.

Renters today are more likely to take a virtual tour of a property before paying the place a physical visit. You should consider having a professional do a fly-through video of your listings. You can also consider working with an interior designer to creatively stage the property you are trying to sell or lease. And if you’re inclined to star in your own walk-through videos, that’s ok, too. Having no option for a virtual look at your rental property is worse than offering a less-than-perfect video.

Retargeting Using Ads

Retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy when you are looking to get interested people to take the next step and give you a call. This target audience could be visitors to your website or people that have interacted with your social media content. But typically, they’re potential tenants who are close to making their next move.

It is estimated that over 97% of visitors to your website will leave without buying anything on the website. However, if you can manage to redirect them back there, the odds of them giving you a call increase significantly. It is a great strategy for a business seeking to grow its brand awareness.

Location-Based SEO

Chances are that your real estate related business is meant to serve people in the Louisville area. Therefore, it is best to optimize the content on your website accordingly. Such optimization makes it easier to rank well on search engines for people seeking rental property in Louisville.

Optimizing for location is equivalent to focusing your efforts. It means you get higher returns per dollar spent on content marketing. You’re not looking to target renters all over the country. Instead, you’re interested in marketing your brand, properties, and vacancies within your community.

Lastly, when doing content marketing, it is crucial that you generate meaningful content for your audience. The goal should be to become an authority in the rental property field. For instance, you could generate monthly reports on trends in real estate in Louisville or another area. Such a periodic publication will keep people coming back every month. News channels might pick it up, and you might get quoted as an authority, which adds to your credibility.

Lastly, remember that no matter what strategy you decide to use to market your property, always remember to remain as authentic as possible. Aim to understand the pain points of your potential renters and tell them how you can solve them. To learn more about PMI Louisville’s services, please contact us.