5 Property Marketing Mistakes This Guide Will Help You Avoid

5 Property Marketing Mistakes This Guide Will Help You Avoid

The average American home took 54 days to sell in 2023. If you want to beat that average, it's not enough to have an impressive property. You need to know how to market it.

Yet, this is where many sellers and landlords can make mistakes when securing buyers or tenants. Selling in Louisville might appear straightforward, but effective property marketing takes a bit of planning. To help you do that, read on to learn about the five property marketing mistakes you should avoid.

1. Poor-Quality Real Estate Photography

Modern property marketing means digital marketing when finding tenants. The first thing that will attract their attention is a photo of your property, so you need to invest in professional-level images.

It needs to flatter your property and help it stand out. A good photographer will ensure your rooms look spacious and the front of the property has that all-important curb appeal.

They'll also ensure photos have great lighting. Always invest in professional photography and avoid skipping this vital step.

2. Writing Generic Property Descriptions

A property description is the chance to sell your home's most impressive features. So it shouldn't be bland. You won't inspire people if you write a monotonous list of information about the rooms and sizes.

Instead, focus on all the more exciting aspects of the property. Maybe you have a beautiful view, or you're near a family-friendly park. Consider your target buyer when writing the description to appeal to their needs.

3. Having Unrealistic Expectations

Everyone wants a premium price when leasing a rental property. But you must remember that you're marketing and selling a home, which requires a degree of realism about what price you should expect.

People will not pay above the market rate unless that property has a unique feature. So, before you set a price for your property, research the local market. Look at similar homes and examine their asking prices.

Check the internal pictures to see if the house presentations are exceptional, which will shape the price. Or contact a real estate professional with market knowledge, like our team.

4. Not Selling Local Amenities

It's easy to spend all your time focusing on the features of your property and forgetting about all the other reasons people buy a home. Don't make this mistake.

Mentioning the locality is equally essential when attracting a buyer. When listing the property, ensure you note the neighborhood in Louisville, as it will help your home appear on a results page if people search for that location.

5. Forgetting About the Buyer

Not everyone will be interested in your property. It will appeal to some people more than others.

You might have a home that's perfect for families. Or you may have one that will appeal to the retired community.

Research this before you market your property. It will help you target the right people and sell your property in a way that will appeal to those most likely to make you an offer.

Property Marketing: Getting It Right First Time

Effective property marketing will help your home sell faster. So, it pays to spend some time writing an impressive listing with some beautiful property photos. Always do your research so that you can appeal to your target buyer.

If you need help marketing your property, reach out to our team at PMI Louisville.