What Your HOA Can Learn from a Louisville Compliance Inspection

What Your HOA Can Learn from a Louisville Compliance Inspection
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Part of your HOA management process includes a compliance inspection. And this isn’t the “gotcha” tool many HOA nightmare stories are made of, either. These inspections can be incredibly helpful in a lot of ways. And if executed efficiently, they can actually improve the overall value and aesthetics of your Louisville HOA

What a Compliance Inspection Is Intended to Do

These Louisville compliance inspections are intended to provide valuable insights into the overall condition of your association. If performed routinely and within well-communicated guidelines, residents will be just as appreciative of the effort, as well. These reports will point out areas of improvement based on three common areas:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance
  • CC&R’s

These aspects of your HOA, with proper attention, will continue to provide higher quality standards and property values ongoing, which is a win-win for everyone. Here are a few key insights you can learn from every compliance inspection.

Identify Key Landscaping Improvements

A broken fence line could be a hazard for wandering children or pets. It’s a lot easier to fix one small section of fencing, too, than it will be to replace an entire row should the repair go unnoticed and unaddressed. A compliance inspection will catch these types of landscaping and yard improvements, providing you with an opportunity for quick repair. Other landscaping issues that are common include weed growth, unkempt grass, or low-hanging tree limbs. These are quickly remedied maintenance efforts that can have a significant effect on the condition and quality of the HOA environment.

Identify Key Operational Deficiencies

From light bulbs being burnt out to damaged air conditioning units, these operational aspects of a property serve an important purpose. You might not presume having a light out is that big of a deal. But a well-lit area can deter criminals and provide improved visibility for residents maneuvering at night, reducing injury risks. A dented or rusting AC unit might be a sign that replacement is needed for the unit itself. Additionally, having a compliance inspection now means spotting those concerns before the heat of the Louisville summer sets in and constitutes an emergency HVAC call.

Identify Key Aesthetic Concerns

Attracting new residents means keeping your Louisville HOA looking its best, which is ideal when trying to attract new residents to the area. How your HOA looks matters, which is why you and your board established basic guidelines for aesthetics for residents to uphold. Neon pink flamingos might be a violation, for example, and an unapproved yard ornament. More significant violations that become eyesores can downright deter residents altogether. One misstep with one property could signal that your HOA isn’t diligent about enforcing guidelines, too. That alone could attract those not intent on participating in regulatory standards.

Identify Key CC&R Violations Quickly

You’ll need to know if there is a collection of non-running automobiles piling up in someone’s backyard. Sure, that’s a pretty over-the-top example, but it happens. And because you can’t be everywhere all the time, it’s the compliance inspection that will help you keep an HOA management finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your community with respect to CC&Rs.

HOA Compliance Inspections Will Aid in Enforcement Efforts

Having a compliance inspection report in hand will provide you with the authority you need to address concerns with residents. You’ll have pictures of violations, making it hard to dispute issues. And the report will articulate what needs improvement in unbiased language you can use directly with your HOA members. These inspectors are professionals who are qualified to make these recommendations, as well, adding validity to your request for remedy at the resident level.

Don’t be afraid to make proper use of ongoing HOA compliance inspections. And if you need help tapping into them or with any other operational aspect of your Louisville HOA, let us help!