Crestwood Area Contractors Every Landlord Should Have on Speed Dial

Crestwood Area Contractors Every Landlord Should Have on Speed Dial
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If Crestwood rental property owners and landlords know one thing, it’s the importance of having the right vendor partners in the right place, at the right time. And while you don’t necessarily plan for mishaps, maintenance problems, or tenant issues, you know these situations always arise. That’s why it’s so important to have certain vendors and contractors on speed dial, ready to act at a moment’s notice.

To help you create or improve your list of contacts, here are a few scenarios you might face and contractors you should have already designated to help. After all, the time to try and find and vet a contractor is not two in the morning when the water’s cascading into the basement.

Since We’re Talking About Water in the Basement

One of the Crestwood area contractors you should develop a professional relationship with is a plumber. Plumbing professionals might be easy to find with a general Google search, but not having a working partnership means when those pipes burst, you’ll waste more time trying to track one down with immediate availability. So instead, talk with plumbing professionals now, when there’s not a problem. Look for ways to create mutually beneficial arrangements for ongoing work and/or negotiated rates. And discuss your need for a plumber who can respond in a pinch when the toilet overflows.

Roofing Contractors on Call Can Save You Thousands

Every Crestwood rental property owner should also have a roofing contractor partner relationship. You might only need a new roof once every five-plus years. However, damaged shingles can quickly translate to water damage, mold, and pest problems. Develop working partnerships with a Crestwood roofer and schedule routine inspections throughout the year. These preventive maintenance calls can help reduce instances of major repairs later. And should there be a more emergency type of situation, you’ll save thousands by having someone on deck, ready to make quick repairs upon request.

Electricians Should Be Your Best Friends

Electrical concerns in your Crestwood rental problem can be more serious than some of the other maintenance calls, simply due to the risk of potential fire hazards. So keep an electrician on speed dial to help tackle any last-minute electrical concerns. From exposed wires in a junction box to electrical panel issues, the electrician can be the Crestwood area contractor you need on speed dial the most.

The General Handyman or Carpenter

When your tenants call citing problems with a ceiling fan, loose railing, or jammed window, you’ll appreciate having a general handyman in your list of contractors to call. Usually, these professionals can make quick work of these more minor yet potentially risky fixes. And developing an ongoing partnership with a carpenter or handyman means you’ll always have a solution for a loose deck board, a downed tree limb, or a broken stair spindle.

The One Call That Handles It All

If the idea of managing all these Crestwood area contractor relationships sounds burdensome, you do have another option. Having a rental property management partner, like PMI Louisville, means only making one call to handle all of these situations. In addition, since a property manager takes over the tasks of vetting, calling, and scheduling maintenance and repairs, you don’t have to worry about handling these calls yourself. Let someone else develop these critical vendor partnerships for you and take the stress out of those emergency maintenance calls.

There are other vendors you’ll want to have on speed dial, like an accountant, a rental property attorney, a home inspector, and maybe even a mason contractor. But these five typically represent the five most important partnerships to consider. And when you’re ready to explore your options with a Crestwood rental property management company, contact us!