The HOA Board of Directors: How It Works and Why It's Important

The HOA Board of Directors: How It Works and Why It's Important

Running a homeowners' association is no easy task. If you own property in one of the 358,000 neighborhoods managed by an HOA, you might already know how much work goes into the chore!

Most associations work as well as they do thanks to one essential task force: the HOA board. These leaders help with everything from meetings to taxes to penalties. If you're new to working with your HOA, read on to learn why these members are so important.

How the HOA Board Works

The HOA board consists of a group of people, usually four main members, who run the entire organization. All of them need extensive knowledge of the HOA's regulations and bylaws. Depending on the size of the HOA, they might get help from other general members or committees.

Here's what to expect from each board member:


The president oversees the entire association and is responsible for most of the board's major decisions.

This doesn't mean they make decisions alone! Instead, they communicate and manage other members, presiding over HOA meetings as the group weighs in on new initiatives and manages community expectations. The president often has the final say on major projects, especially contentious ones.

Vice President

As you'd likely guess, the vice president assists the president in all duties. When the president is unavailable, the vice president must step in. They may also act as a representative to the president for any smaller HOA committees.


The HOA secretary performs critical administrative tasks that keep the association running. This includes notifying everyone of the meeting schedule, taking meeting notes, tracking homeowner information, and more. They oversee all HOA records and may also help the president develop meeting agendas.


The treasurer is responsible for all HOA money matters. This includes keeping track of the association's financial transactions, collecting various dues and fees, paying vendors, keeping books, and more. They're also responsible for the HOA's taxes.

Why the HOA Board Is Important

The board members listed above are critical to any HOA's operations. They are the leaders behind all administrative, financial, and decision-making tasks.

In addition, the HOA board helps to enforce the association's rules and penalties in a uniform way. No one in the community, not even board members, is exempt from following the bylaws.

In many smaller HOAs, they also coordinate the maintenance of common areas. However, depending on the size of the HOA, the board may also choose a candidate for another crucial role: the HOA manager.

The manager helps with the association's daily operations. They are the person most often interacting with community members, and they may send notices for common violations, collect fees, and oversee projects carried out by contractors. As such, choosing the right manager is a major responsibility of the board!

Consider Homeowners Association Management

If you're hoping to create an attractive and harmonious neighborhood, you'll need great candidates in each HOA board role. The right people can help the entire association run smoothly!

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